First Birthday Party

My niece Jordyn celebrated her 1st birthday two weekend ago and it is safe to say that her birthday party was a success! First birthdays are a big deal… well in our family anyway!

We started off with a cake smash photo shoot. We kept it very simple and did a streamer backdrop and made a baby pink rosette cake.



I highly recommend everyone do a cake smash for their 1 year old! The pictures turned out great. Heres a sneak peak..


The cake smash was just a preview into what her birthday party would look like. The birthday party had a fully loaded candy table, which was great hit.

Image ImageImage

All decor was purchased from Etsy. Terri by “Cards and Moore by Terri” was a pleasure to work with and customized just about everything for me!

Party City now has color coordinated candy, so getting candy to fill this table was quite easy!


Blush, Ivory and Grey Wedding Theme

Planning your wedding can be the most intriguing experience ever, it can also be extremely stressful. Picking the theme of your wedding sets the entire tone of your day. Your theme includes your flowers, decor, table linens, center pieces, bridesmaid dresses, bouquets, and much much more. Your theme includes colors and the overall ambiance you want to set on your wedding day.

Picking colors can be stressful, you may not know what looks good together, but your wedding planner, florist and banquet hall manager will be able to help you if you have no ideas, or ideas that are still up in the air.

The theme that I will be showing you today is a sort of regal elegance. It follows a color story board of blush, ivory and gray. If you have a soft neutral-like color, add in a little metallic to make the neutral pop, which is what I am doing with the gray.


This is just an idea of the colors that I was talking about. The chairs are also really fun. For this particular theme I suggest either doing a silver bamboo chair, or the white quilted chair. Whichever chair you choose will have a different vibe and theme. The bamboo chair, a more regal elegance, and the quilted chair, a more chic young vibe. You can still keep the gray with the white quilted chair, just do it in the bridesmaid dresses and you can have jewels or bling hanging from your rose centerpieces. See image below.


If you are choosing the white quilted chairs, two quilted white king chairs would be a beautiful touch to your wedding.


This center piece will work with whichever chair you choose, bamboo or white quilt. This centerpiece is very elegant and chic. These centerpieces are tall and you do not necessarily have to put only one at each table, it depends again on your theme and how grande you want it to be. You can add skinny tall vases beside the pomander one and put a floating candle in it. You can create the grande element in your head table and keep the simplicity in your guests tables.


This is an alteration of the center piece design. This one has the large vase as the centerpiece but sitting on a silver stand, opposed to tall glass center pieces. This picture also showcases the silver bamboo chairs with the white linens. You can always switch up the white linens to a pattern – whatever suits your style. The chairs can also be replaced as well, the decision is completely your own!


This is also a beautiful option, you can just add some pink flowers into the already white centerpiece.


Like stated earlier, you can create the element of grand in your head table. The only concern with having tall vases at your head table is that your guests may not be able to see your entire bridal party. You can always make the vases similar, just shorter, to keep the same decor.


These little centerpieces are a nice alternative for a head table, so that your guests are able to see the bridal party sitting at your head table. The colors still tie into your overall theme, and you can even have larger centerpieces on each end so that they are not blocking your bridal party.


These bouquets are absolutely perfect for this theme. It has the white and the blush roses, and even has the babies breathe, which makes it look a little bit like gray was added to the bouquet. For the brides bouquet you can keep the same flowers, just make it look a little more grande, and around the bottom of the bouquet you can have a band of jewels, or even have jewels hanging from the actual bouquet itself.


Your wedding cake tends to sit on its own table, often near the head table, if not on the head table. You want it to stand out and going with the regal-chic theme you want it to be classic as well. This 4 tier cake is beautiful and keeps your rose theme together and unified. The quilted look is extremely beautiful and can create elegance within your cake. You can always change the piping or the design on the cake, but this cake’s general template is stunning.


Lastly, the bridesmaid dresses. These dresses, found on Pinterest, tie into the theme perfectly. They are beautiful, chic dresses that have a little bit of sparkle, just like your wedding. It is also the perfect gray- you can always go lighter on the gray as well.

Photo Credit: All of these pictures were taken from Pinterest.