Vintage Glam Wedding

I found myself recently talking to a friend about a wedding theme that she adored. She had a great love for the roaring twenties, which was a time period full of flappers, feathers, pearls, and vintage glam. When thinking of  a 1920’s wedding theme, I thought immediately to keep the vintage glam of the time period, but to add a modern twist on it.

This picture was my main motivation:


When discussing centerpieces, she was a not a big fan of flowers and wanted to keep their appearance to a minimum. So I thought of three different options for the big day. The first option would just to do white ostrich feathers on a silver stand. The second option was to do a tall skinny clear vase with a white rose pomander with two large ostrich feathers coming out the top of it. The third option, similar to the second, but instead of two large ostrich feathers, we do 10 smaller ones, here we are also replacing the skinny clear vase with a silver stand. You can also add hanging pearls to the centerpieces to tie in your vintage touch.


With centerpieces comes the table linens and chair options. I thought that with the vintage glam theme the best color options would be black, white and silver.

58 Winter-White 57 Crystal-Silver 55  Jet-Black

There are different variations that you can choose from. Your first option would be white table cloths and black chiavari chairs. This option would have the centerpiece with the silver stand, having the tall clear vase on the white table cloths will just get lost, you need to add color to the centerpiece when doing the white linens. Here you can do the pomander with the 10 small ostrich feathers.


The second variation would be the black table cloths, silver chiavari chairs and the tall clear glass vases. The vases will have the pomander with the two feathers coming out the top of them.


The third variation would be using the silver stands with the ostrich feathers. The table cloths are black and the chairs will be white chiavari.


The head table is the focal point of the room and the hanging crystals on the black backdrop show the vintage glam. The color of your backdrop will depend on your linen colors. If you do white table cloths, have the white backdrop, if you have the black table cloths, have the black backdrop.


Going with the vintage glam theme, I thought a bird cage card box would be perfect. It screams vintage and it is completely different from the traditional card boxes.


When thinking of different ideas for the brides bouquet and the bridesmaids bouquet I thought be brilliant to incorporate the vintage glam feel into the brides bouquet. This bouquet is perfect for the bride who isn’t a big flower lover because it incorporates both the feathers that will be in the centerpieces and the glam broaches. We can continue the glam look in the bridesmaids bouquets by having the white and black flowers.


The cake.. there are many options that you can choose from. You can do a white tiered cake with black and silver accents and even add some feathers at the top. Or you can do just a black and white pattern with a silver ribbon. Or you can do a cake like seen in the second picture (top right) but just change the colors to black, white and silver. The top tier is nice because it looks like the bird cage that you will have as your card holder, this cake has more of a softer touch to it.

photo (13)

Finally the invitation. Make your guests excited about your wedding. It’s nice to tie in your overall wedding theme into your invitations. You need to make sure that you are 100% about the theme of your wedding before incorporating it into your invitations, because you don’t want your invitations to say vintage glam and then you end up doing a rustic wedding theme.

photo (14)


You didn’t really think I was going to leave out the wedding dress inspirations did you! I used to intern at Paloma Blanca, a Canadian wedding distributor. You can see a lot of their dresses on TLC’s I found the Gown. Anyways, ever since working there I have had such a love for all things wedding, as you can tell, and wedding dresses in particular. There are so many different styles that you can choose from. You can always get a dress that ties into your theme, or you can just pick a dress that you love, a dress that says your name written all over it. You can have one dress for the entire day, or you can have a ceremony and a reception dress.

For this vintage glam theme I chose three different variations of the sheath dress. The first option is an sequin sheath dress with a key hole back and the front is a v-neck. The second Pnina Tornai dress is a v-neck satin sheath dress with a sequin belt under the breast. Finally, the third dress is a high neck lace dress with a satin underlay.

photo (15)


The next three options are fuller skirts. The first two are gowns by Pnina Tornai again and are two completely different looks. The first look a deep sweetheart with a rouged bodice in all satin. The second dress a see through sequin bodice with a full feather ballgown with a slit. The third dress is a sweetheart ball gown with a sequin belt under the breasts.

photo (16)


I hope you enjoyed this vintage glam wedding inspiration (I know my friend will lol).




It’s Festival Season!

In Toronto this weekend is the first house summer festival of the year, Digital Dreams, with that festival follows VELD. Toronto got its first experience of festivals last year and it was an instant hit. Toronto house music fans got to experience what the United States and Europe has been experiencing for a while.

There are not only festivals in Toronto, there is Electric Zoo in New York City Labor Day Long Weekend, Electric Daisy in London in July and Tomorrowland in Belgium in July as well, just to name a few. The question with each festival is, “What do I wear”. You don’t want to be overdressed and you definitely want to feel comfortable, but not look comfortable. These outdoor festivals are normally running for 8 hours a day and run over the course of a weekend. You have to be able to endure any weather, heat, rain or cold.

Here are your inspirations for today:

– Chic Festival Girl- With a crop top and a pair of shorts, you are ready for any festival. The chic girl has a simple head band and killer shoes. These sandals will be comfortable and they are sturdy enough for the entire day.

Crop Top- $13.00 Jane Norman
Shorts- $47 Etsy
Sandals- $115 Aldo
Purse- $135 Loris Shoes


Flower Child- A lot of flower childs at festivals go all out in tu-tu’s and bandeau’s, however, if that is not your style, show your flower child side with a killer daisy headband. These are very easy to find now and a lot of sellers on Etsy make them per your request. Wear a pair of wrap around sandals and your outfit is set.

Fringe Shirt- $40 Lord and Taylor
Shorts- $41 Monki
Sandals- $175 Avenue 32
Purse- $24 Target


– Mr. GQ – when it comes to the guys, they can pretty much throw on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. Here he is wearing a NY Yankees hat, a classic white tshirt and a pair of white shorts.

Shoes- $97 Converse Chuck Taylor
Hat- $40 New Era Men’s MLB
Shorts- $39 Topman
Sunglasses- $255 Prada


– The Hipster- Still the same idea with the first outfit, just changing it up a bit, this has more of a hipster or street vibe to it.
Top- $21 Hot Topic
Shoes- $52 Converse Chuck Taylor
Sunglasses- $125 Gibson Sun
Vest- $87 Standard Jean Co.


I hope these outfits will give both ladies and gentlemen outfit ideas for your summer festivals!

Bridal Shower Themes

When planning a bridal shower, brides often think that the theme of their wedding has to continue onto their bridal shower theme, but that is not the case at all. Your bridal shower is more of a smaller gathering, well for my family, it is still a gathering of about 150 people, but you know what I mean! It is a chance for you to do a theme that maybe you weren’t too sure about for your wedding, or a theme that is fun.

There are hundreds of different themes that you could do for your wedding shower. Here is a few to get some ideas flowing!

Tea Party Theme, there is so much you can do with a tea party theme, because there are so many different variations. You can have a traditional tea party theme, also known as a white-gloved affair, or you can do more of a Victorian tea party, which has pastels and vintage inspirations. The colors are soft and so are the decorations.


Alice in Wonderland, this theme is more of a whimsical tea party. You can incorporate the theme by adding labels to drinks, food and to the dessert table. These labels will say “eat me” and “drink me”. Then you can have “take me” on your favors.The colors are pastel pinks, blues and purples, with accents of gold. This is a theme that can still remain traditional in a sense, but you can have a lot of fun with it.


Tiffany Theme (with or without the Audrey inclusion), with accents of Tiffany blue, glitz and bows. With this theme you have to make sure that you carry it throughout your entire shower, if you don’t think that is possible, just do a colored theme and incorporate the Tiffany blue as an accent color. With the picture below, you could always use a Tiffany shopping bag as the centerpiece and put white or pink flowers inside of it. Remember, there are always other options.


– Parisian Theme, Paris is a city filled with fashion and beauty so you can really see those two aspects within the Parisian theme. Within this theme there are three different color boards that I have put together.


This Parisian theme is more of a patisserie theme, with big accents of black throughout the theme. The black and white stripes go back to the small Paris patisseries. This theme is not subtle, it shows more of a statement, so if it does not fit your personality, there are two other design concepts that I have come up with.


This theme still has the Parisian theme but it has more of a chic look to it. It still has the black accents but the stripes are not gone and it is replaced with white table cloths and black chairs. The color scheme here is pink, white and black. Again, if the black here is still too bold, I have one last design for you.


This Parisian theme is more of a chic and fabulous sort of design. The black has been eliminated and it has been replaced with the rich gold color. The color combination here is gold, peach, ivory and blush. This theme has a vintage feel to it, but still brings in the beauty of Paris.

– Fashionista theme, Now there are a lot of different looks for this specific theme. There is the common fashion theme where there are either designer bags on each table filled with flowers, or a little flower center piece that has a miniature fashion mannequin on each side. These mannequins are normally made with chicken wire. If you do not want to follow these common ideas or themes, spice it up a bit and still keep similar ideas, just make them your own. Fashionista’s like labels right? So make each table a different designer, if you have 20 different tables, pick 20 of your favorite designers — For example, Gucci, Prada, Fendi, Burberry, D&G, Jimmy Choo, Chanel, Michael Kors, Valentino, Givenchy, Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, Versace, Alexander McQueen, Escada, Marc Jacobs, Oscar De la Renta, Vera Wang, Yves Saint Laurent, Ralph Lauren, Christian Louboutin and Manola Blahnik.


With this theme I’m choosing the chiavari chairs in white (you can also do black) and making the table linens black. Black has always been a fashionable color and can work as a blank canvas. By using a light color in the flowers, such as ivory, you can really give the room and each table a pop of color. Just because it is a fashionista theme, it doesn’t mean there has to be mannequins or fashion bags everywhere, being a fashionista is about being chic and being stylist, so let that show through in your shower. If you want to throw some fashion into your shower, have your center piece sitting on high fashion magazines, or have the designers labels show through in your cake.

I hope you have enjoyed these themes, and again, these are just a few bridal shower themes, there are many more that you can find online.

All pictures were found on Pinterest.

What to Wear on a Rainy Day

Rain is something that Toronto has seen throughout the Spring Season and now it is coming into the Summer Season as well. For the remaining of the week it is supposed to be raining off and on in the city of Toronto and the surrounding areas. Other major cities like Chicago and New York are also seeing rain this week. Chicago is seeing rain at the beginning of the week, whereas New York is supposed to see rain towards the middle of the week.

Just because there is a little rain or a little thunder, doesn’t mean that we still can’t dress fashionable or chic.


This outfit is an outfit that you could wear on a humid rainy day, like today.

With rain typically comes heat, so sometimes wearing a rain coat on these types of days is just too much. So instead throw on a romper with a cute pair of rain boots and keep a jean jacket with you just in case the day cools down. Always have an umbrella with you if you plan on going outside at all, or even if you are walking from your car to your office. Try and get an umbrella with a subtle or statement pattern!


You can still do heels in the rain, just be careful and make sure they do not have a slippery bottom underneath, because the last thing you want to do is slip. Make sure your shoes have ridges at the bottom of them and if they don’t you can purchase “Grips” which are stick on adhesives and are sold at many shoe stores, including ALDO Shoes. You can either wear it with a dress and a blazer or you can wear it with your black dress pants and a shirt. The only thing I recommend is NOT to wear wide leg trousers that end at the back of your heel, only because you do not want them to get wet as your walking. So stick to more of a skinny leg pant that will not get wet when walking outside in the rain. See outfit below.


Enjoy your rainy days!

Blush, Ivory and Grey Wedding Theme

Planning your wedding can be the most intriguing experience ever, it can also be extremely stressful. Picking the theme of your wedding sets the entire tone of your day. Your theme includes your flowers, decor, table linens, center pieces, bridesmaid dresses, bouquets, and much much more. Your theme includes colors and the overall ambiance you want to set on your wedding day.

Picking colors can be stressful, you may not know what looks good together, but your wedding planner, florist and banquet hall manager will be able to help you if you have no ideas, or ideas that are still up in the air.

The theme that I will be showing you today is a sort of regal elegance. It follows a color story board of blush, ivory and gray. If you have a soft neutral-like color, add in a little metallic to make the neutral pop, which is what I am doing with the gray.


This is just an idea of the colors that I was talking about. The chairs are also really fun. For this particular theme I suggest either doing a silver bamboo chair, or the white quilted chair. Whichever chair you choose will have a different vibe and theme. The bamboo chair, a more regal elegance, and the quilted chair, a more chic young vibe. You can still keep the gray with the white quilted chair, just do it in the bridesmaid dresses and you can have jewels or bling hanging from your rose centerpieces. See image below.


If you are choosing the white quilted chairs, two quilted white king chairs would be a beautiful touch to your wedding.


This center piece will work with whichever chair you choose, bamboo or white quilt. This centerpiece is very elegant and chic. These centerpieces are tall and you do not necessarily have to put only one at each table, it depends again on your theme and how grande you want it to be. You can add skinny tall vases beside the pomander one and put a floating candle in it. You can create the grande element in your head table and keep the simplicity in your guests tables.


This is an alteration of the center piece design. This one has the large vase as the centerpiece but sitting on a silver stand, opposed to tall glass center pieces. This picture also showcases the silver bamboo chairs with the white linens. You can always switch up the white linens to a pattern – whatever suits your style. The chairs can also be replaced as well, the decision is completely your own!


This is also a beautiful option, you can just add some pink flowers into the already white centerpiece.


Like stated earlier, you can create the element of grand in your head table. The only concern with having tall vases at your head table is that your guests may not be able to see your entire bridal party. You can always make the vases similar, just shorter, to keep the same decor.


These little centerpieces are a nice alternative for a head table, so that your guests are able to see the bridal party sitting at your head table. The colors still tie into your overall theme, and you can even have larger centerpieces on each end so that they are not blocking your bridal party.


These bouquets are absolutely perfect for this theme. It has the white and the blush roses, and even has the babies breathe, which makes it look a little bit like gray was added to the bouquet. For the brides bouquet you can keep the same flowers, just make it look a little more grande, and around the bottom of the bouquet you can have a band of jewels, or even have jewels hanging from the actual bouquet itself.


Your wedding cake tends to sit on its own table, often near the head table, if not on the head table. You want it to stand out and going with the regal-chic theme you want it to be classic as well. This 4 tier cake is beautiful and keeps your rose theme together and unified. The quilted look is extremely beautiful and can create elegance within your cake. You can always change the piping or the design on the cake, but this cake’s general template is stunning.


Lastly, the bridesmaid dresses. These dresses, found on Pinterest, tie into the theme perfectly. They are beautiful, chic dresses that have a little bit of sparkle, just like your wedding. It is also the perfect gray- you can always go lighter on the gray as well.

Photo Credit: All of these pictures were taken from Pinterest.

From Recent Graduate to Working Woman

I know it is really hard making the transition from university student to working woman and a lot of the stress of the recent grads comes from not knowing what to wear to an interview. First impressions are everything and you want to walk into that interview showing you mean business and most importantly, showing that you are serious about the position you are applying for.

Ultimately, your outfit depends on the job you are applying for. Of course there are generalized outfits that will work for anyone, but it’s best to look into the company and their culture so that you get an idea of the atmosphere at the office.Or even better, if you know anybody that works for the company, ask them what the dress code is, you do not want to look under-dressed or over-dressed, you want to look professional, yet put together, yet chic.

This is an outfit similar to the outfit worn by the beautiful Victoria Beckham and this would be considered the generalized interview get-up.This outfit is seen as the ideal outfit for any type of interview really. It is simple and classic, yet fashionable at the same time. This outfit will always be a safe outfit no matter what the position is.


A classic black skinny dress pant, paired with a tucked in button down white blouse. It is always best to wear heals, opposed to flats, just because it seems more professional, and remember, this is your first impression, to a maybe-future manager or co-worker. Ladies, we are not running a marathon to get to this interview – if you have to walk a few minutes pack a pair of flats in your purse and before you turn the corner to your future office building, change those flats and put on your heels. Simply put your flats in your purse and nobody will ever know, it will be our little secret. And- with the heels, DO not go crazy with color ladies, keep it simple, keep it classic. A simple pair of black heels is perfect, it is understated yet classic. With regards to heel height, wearing 6-inch heels to an interview is maybe not the best idea, you do not want to look like you are going to a bar after your interview – remember simplicity is key.

The next outfit is business casual, with a pant and a skirt option.This outfit below would be a business-casual, sort of in the middle-ground of all outfits, and very similar to the generalized outfit that I posted first. The only difference is the shirt- peplum has a fashionable look and looks great with a pair of skinny trousers. This outfit would be great for any type of PR firm, publishing company, or media company.


If you feel as though this outfit isn’t dressy enough, just change it up with a black skirt, but make sure that it is not short and does not have any slits.


Lastly, is the casual outfit..

If you have an interview at a small boutique firm, they will tend to have a casual dress code. You still do not want to look too casual, but throw a blazer on top of your outfit to dress it down a bit. Finally, change your pumps to wedges, for a more casual, but still professional look.


Good luck at any future interviews recent graduates! Of course, once you start working you will know exactly what to wear to work everyday! Here’s an inspiration for when that day comes.


Above outfit is for the summer days. Sleek white trousers, paired with a white fitted blazer with a beige chiffon shirt underneath. Pair this outfit with beige/cognac shoes, with a purse or clutch to match and you have yourself a perfect summer office outfit.


Lastly, is a little color pop in the skirt, but still a simple outfit!

Hope you guys enjoyed this!

All of the outfits were made by me on Polyvore.

Big Chic Greek Wedding, let’s call it Ch-eek!

Big Chic Greek Wedding, let's call it Ch-eek!

When my brother told me he was going to propose to his now wife, I was over the moon excited for the both of them. The bride and groom both had a lot of great ideas for themes and designs for the wedding. This wedding had around 450 guests and was held at Paramount Banquet Hall in Woodbridge, Ontario. The venue itself was breathtaking and the room that the reception took place in had a staircase as the centerpiece for the room. The color theme was black, white and blue, and the theme definitely showed in all of the decor. There was a blue under-lighting on the walls in the reception room and each center piece was a large vase that encompassed chic tree branches and white flowers. The head table, which was two rows of bridal party, had a black and white gorgeous backdrop, which emphasized the theme and brought such class to the room. The cake was simple and classic 4 tier cake, with a black pipped design, silver diamonds, a black bow and a quilted look. The wedding turned out beautiful and you could see the love in the couples eyes throughout the entire night.