The Ultimate Bachelorette

It’s wedding season and that ultimately means that it is bachelorette season! There are so many fun things to do in your city, but if you and the girls want to have a fun weekend away and if you all can afford it, do that. The only thing that you don’t to do is suggest going away somewhere knowing that one of your bridesmaids or friends can’t. As the bride, you can mention it, but try and get your maid of honor or close friend to bring up the idea so that they don’t feel obligated to go.

Planning bachelorettes can be very exciting! This is your night to celebrate with your girls, without making it look like your part of the movie The Hangover. Of course there are some brides that love to party, where others are more reserved and would rather a day at the spa. These ideas will give both type of brides ideas and options.

First I will give you some ideas about what you can do in your city, then I will follow with some ideas out of town.

Being a Toronto girl, we have very few hotels with rooftop pools, however, the ones that we do have are breathtaking!

1) Book a hotel room that has a rooftop pool
The Thompson Hotel in Toronto is absolutely beautiful and they have rooms that will accommodate larger groups, such as the Thompson Suite and the Penthouse Suite. This is your bachelorette, it’s time to go all out — when else will you book a penthouse suite?? NEVER! You can have all your girls stay in one room and you can have the ultimate bachelorette party. The Thompson Hotel is in New York, Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles and London – so this idea could work in many cities and if you don’t have this hotel in your city, don’t stress – I’m sure you can find a hotel in the heart of the city that has a rooftop pool!
Check in for all hotels is normally 2-3 pm. If you are able to get this hotel that early, GO DOWN this early. You are paying for the room, why not enjoy it? Go check in with your girls, have a light lunch, and ENJOY the pool. The Thompson Toronto even has a “Girls night out” room accommodation option.

Spend the night celebrating with your girls! •Luxury accommodations in a Double Deluxe or King Suite •Welcome amenity •First drink on us! Voucher redeemable at Rooftop Bar or Lobby Bar •Complimentary Internet Access •Exclusive Access to the Rooftop (Excluding Sunday & Monday) •1812 Lounge Admittance (Monday, Friday, and Saturday) •Recuperate from a great night with a complimentary 2pm check out!

So once you enjoy your complimentary rooftop drink, relax, enjoy the pool. Then when you girls are hungry, go out and have a nice dinner in the hotel, called Scarpetta.

When your done, go back to the room, have a pre-party, maybe some “dancers” … haha.. then go out for a night on the town! There are a lot of Toronto lounges that offer an older crowd and a more sophisticated environment, or if you want to go out and party for the rest of the night you can do that too.
Remember there are so many more things that you can do when staying at a hotel. You do not have to worry about transportation or where anybody is sleeping. It is extremely convenient.
2). Take a Flirty Girl Fitness class
Flirty Girl Fitness has weekend workshops

However, if you do not want to do a workshop you can actually rent out space just for you and your girls. Have some fun and do some pole dancing — It’s your time to let loose.
3). Day at the Spa
There are many spas in Toronto and in every city, you just have to find the one that speaks to you.
– Novo Spa
This spa is in Yorkville and offers many many spa features. From facials, to massages, to body scrubs, eyelash extensions and manicure and pedicures – this spa is more of a pampering center.
– Body Blitz Spa
This is a women’s only spa that is surrounded by water. They have relaxing therapeutic waters and they also have body massages, body glows and body scrubs. Anything a bride and her maids need before the big day.
Scandinave Spa
This spa is in Blue Mountain, so if you want to incorporate a spa day as well as a weekend getaway, this is the perfect option. This spa is known for their Scandinavian baths and has been awarded for their services.
Guests enjoy the escape from their every day world and enter into the serenity of the natural outdoor environment. The renowned Scandinavian Baths include a Finnish Sauna, Eucalyptus Steam Room, Thermal & Nordic Waterfalls, Hot Baths, Cold Plunges & relaxation areas. Also available are Registered Massage treatments, relaxing getaway packages & an on-site bistro serving healthy local fare.
4). Drag Queen Club
Never been before? This is seriously the bachelorette capital of Toronto. They have world famous shows every weekend and has been standing for 21 years. If you want an up-beat and fun environment, this is the place to go.
5). An up-beat and fun restaurant
Finding a restaurant that has a party vibe can be hard, but there are a few restaurants that have a fun atmosphere.
– The Sultan’s Tent
This Toronto restaurant is Moroccan inspired and has a belly dancing show at around 9pm. The whole restaurant is covered in large lavish tents and the food is very authentic. They play traditional Moroccan music and they have separate larger sections for parties, so this would work well for your bachelorette party.
– Blowfish
This King Street location has a high energy vibe, just what you need. This is the perfect location if you are feeling Japanese food. They offer gourmet sushi and have both hot and cold dishes which have more than enough food for sharing.
– STK (If you live in USA)
With locations in Atlanta, Miami, LA, NYC, London this is “Not your daddy’s steakhouse”. I have been to the NYC location in the Meatpacking district and it was phenomenal. The atmosphere is what you are looking for. They play upbeat music and it is a fun environment.

6). Male Strip Club- The guys do it, why cant the girls?
– The Foxxes Den
This strip club has been voted the best in Toronto and from the pictures on the website, the men are.. well pleasant to the eye. If you want to go out for a memorable night full of laughs, maybe this is your thing.
If you plan on going away for a girls weekend I have a few ideas for locations.
1. Vegas- I think every bride and groom dreams of having their bachelor/ette party in Vegas – It is the ultimate party. You stay in a nice hotel, same thing, maybe a penthouse, or have a few rooms for you and your girls that are connecting. Stay by the pool during the day, and go out at night — There is always something to do in Vegas.
2. NYC- If I could spend every weekend in NYC I would, I just love the views, the atmosphere and the people. You can go down with your girls for a few nights and stay at the Thompson! Get the rooftop pool top, and they actually have a club on the top of it at night, so you could always check that out. Go for some shopping “exercises” on 5th avenue or in Soho and just have a good time. You would go here if you still want to have a good time with partying, however, you are not party animals like the girls going to Vegas.
3. Miami or South Beach- Want to soak up the sun and go to some clubs at night, all while getting your tan on? Miami is another option. You could stay in a beach front resort, or even rent a villa on the beach. You would wake up and lounge on the beach and you could go out at night. It’s like an all inclusive vacation.
4. Caribbean- Sometimes 3 nights in a tropical place is what you all need before the wedding. The bride can relax and so can the girls. And majority of the time 3 nights in, lets say, Mexico, is less expensive than going to a large city for 3 nights.
Of course, the destination, and the location depends on each individual girls budget. You do not want to pressure your girls by throwing them into a situation that they are not comfortable with. If your dream is to go somewhere out of town, maybe pitch in to each girls trip instead of giving them a bridal party gift. Also, out of town bachelorette parties typically only include a few people, as not all bridesmaids, and female family members will be able to take time off. Have a meeting with your girls and talk it out. Remember, no matter what you do, as long as your girls are there, is all that matters.
My next post will be bachelorette party outfit ideas! Stay tuned.

Blush, Ivory and Grey Wedding Theme

Planning your wedding can be the most intriguing experience ever, it can also be extremely stressful. Picking the theme of your wedding sets the entire tone of your day. Your theme includes your flowers, decor, table linens, center pieces, bridesmaid dresses, bouquets, and much much more. Your theme includes colors and the overall ambiance you want to set on your wedding day.

Picking colors can be stressful, you may not know what looks good together, but your wedding planner, florist and banquet hall manager will be able to help you if you have no ideas, or ideas that are still up in the air.

The theme that I will be showing you today is a sort of regal elegance. It follows a color story board of blush, ivory and gray. If you have a soft neutral-like color, add in a little metallic to make the neutral pop, which is what I am doing with the gray.


This is just an idea of the colors that I was talking about. The chairs are also really fun. For this particular theme I suggest either doing a silver bamboo chair, or the white quilted chair. Whichever chair you choose will have a different vibe and theme. The bamboo chair, a more regal elegance, and the quilted chair, a more chic young vibe. You can still keep the gray with the white quilted chair, just do it in the bridesmaid dresses and you can have jewels or bling hanging from your rose centerpieces. See image below.


If you are choosing the white quilted chairs, two quilted white king chairs would be a beautiful touch to your wedding.


This center piece will work with whichever chair you choose, bamboo or white quilt. This centerpiece is very elegant and chic. These centerpieces are tall and you do not necessarily have to put only one at each table, it depends again on your theme and how grande you want it to be. You can add skinny tall vases beside the pomander one and put a floating candle in it. You can create the grande element in your head table and keep the simplicity in your guests tables.


This is an alteration of the center piece design. This one has the large vase as the centerpiece but sitting on a silver stand, opposed to tall glass center pieces. This picture also showcases the silver bamboo chairs with the white linens. You can always switch up the white linens to a pattern – whatever suits your style. The chairs can also be replaced as well, the decision is completely your own!


This is also a beautiful option, you can just add some pink flowers into the already white centerpiece.


Like stated earlier, you can create the element of grand in your head table. The only concern with having tall vases at your head table is that your guests may not be able to see your entire bridal party. You can always make the vases similar, just shorter, to keep the same decor.


These little centerpieces are a nice alternative for a head table, so that your guests are able to see the bridal party sitting at your head table. The colors still tie into your overall theme, and you can even have larger centerpieces on each end so that they are not blocking your bridal party.


These bouquets are absolutely perfect for this theme. It has the white and the blush roses, and even has the babies breathe, which makes it look a little bit like gray was added to the bouquet. For the brides bouquet you can keep the same flowers, just make it look a little more grande, and around the bottom of the bouquet you can have a band of jewels, or even have jewels hanging from the actual bouquet itself.


Your wedding cake tends to sit on its own table, often near the head table, if not on the head table. You want it to stand out and going with the regal-chic theme you want it to be classic as well. This 4 tier cake is beautiful and keeps your rose theme together and unified. The quilted look is extremely beautiful and can create elegance within your cake. You can always change the piping or the design on the cake, but this cake’s general template is stunning.


Lastly, the bridesmaid dresses. These dresses, found on Pinterest, tie into the theme perfectly. They are beautiful, chic dresses that have a little bit of sparkle, just like your wedding. It is also the perfect gray- you can always go lighter on the gray as well.

Photo Credit: All of these pictures were taken from Pinterest.