From Recent Graduate to Working Woman

I know it is really hard making the transition from university student to working woman and a lot of the stress of the recent grads comes from not knowing what to wear to an interview. First impressions are everything and you want to walk into that interview showing you mean business and most importantly, showing that you are serious about the position you are applying for.

Ultimately, your outfit depends on the job you are applying for. Of course there are generalized outfits that will work for anyone, but it’s best to look into the company and their culture so that you get an idea of the atmosphere at the office.Or even better, if you know anybody that works for the company, ask them what the dress code is, you do not want to look under-dressed or over-dressed, you want to look professional, yet put together, yet chic.

This is an outfit similar to the outfit worn by the beautiful Victoria Beckham and this would be considered the generalized interview get-up.This outfit is seen as the ideal outfit for any type of interview really. It is simple and classic, yet fashionable at the same time. This outfit will always be a safe outfit no matter what the position is.


A classic black skinny dress pant, paired with a tucked in button down white blouse. It is always best to wear heals, opposed to flats, just because it seems more professional, and remember, this is your first impression, to a maybe-future manager or co-worker. Ladies, we are not running a marathon to get to this interview – if you have to walk a few minutes pack a pair of flats in your purse and before you turn the corner to your future office building, change those flats and put on your heels. Simply put your flats in your purse and nobody will ever know, it will be our little secret. And- with the heels, DO not go crazy with color ladies, keep it simple, keep it classic. A simple pair of black heels is perfect, it is understated yet classic. With regards to heel height, wearing 6-inch heels to an interview is maybe not the best idea, you do not want to look like you are going to a bar after your interview – remember simplicity is key.

The next outfit is business casual, with a pant and a skirt option.This outfit below would be a business-casual, sort of in the middle-ground of all outfits, and very similar to the generalized outfit that I posted first. The only difference is the shirt- peplum has a fashionable look and looks great with a pair of skinny trousers. This outfit would be great for any type of PR firm, publishing company, or media company.


If you feel as though this outfit isn’t dressy enough, just change it up with a black skirt, but make sure that it is not short and does not have any slits.


Lastly, is the casual outfit..

If you have an interview at a small boutique firm, they will tend to have a casual dress code. You still do not want to look too casual, but throw a blazer on top of your outfit to dress it down a bit. Finally, change your pumps to wedges, for a more casual, but still professional look.


Good luck at any future interviews recent graduates! Of course, once you start working you will know exactly what to wear to work everyday! Here’s an inspiration for when that day comes.


Above outfit is for the summer days. Sleek white trousers, paired with a white fitted blazer with a beige chiffon shirt underneath. Pair this outfit with beige/cognac shoes, with a purse or clutch to match and you have yourself a perfect summer office outfit.


Lastly, is a little color pop in the skirt, but still a simple outfit!

Hope you guys enjoyed this!

All of the outfits were made by me on Polyvore.


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