Three Looks, Two Days

Three Looks, Two Days

This past weekend I celebrated my twenty-sixth birthday, and every single year I wait till the last minute to find the perfect birthday dress. But as everyone knows, it is almost impossible to find a perfect dress in the middle of January. Stores have their winter sales going on, and have very limited amounts of dresses, and the new ones that are coming in are for the Spring Season, and didn’t really fit into my vision, or the weather forecast!

On the first night, I went to dinner at Cibo Wine Bar in Toronto with one of my girlfriends and then we went out to a lounge afterwards. The next night me and a couple of girls went to a different lounge. When I had found out the plans, the first thing that went into my head was, “I need three different outfits” – at this point I was sort of panicking. Every girl wants to look beautiful on her birthday, and coming from a Fashion background, myself, along with my friends, always expects me to look the part.

Here were my outfits, let me know what you guys think.

The first one was a dress that I had gotten from H&M at a great price of $29.99, that I paired with a pair of leather black Steve Madden pumps that I got for $75.00. The second outfit is a dress from Aritzia that was on sale for $39.00 and I paired it with the stunning statement necklace from Aldo Accessories that was $35.00. My last outfit, the one that had me stressing the most — The skirt, a fabulous find if I do say so myself — Aritzia, $39.99, and the shirt, a glamorous black crop top from Marciano for $70.00.

Note to self: Next year go shopping in December!


Princess Themed Birthday

Planning a child’s birthday can be very exciting and planning their 1st birthday can be the most exciting of all. You’re baby is no longer a few months old, he or she is finally 1. This is what I will center this blog post around- Planning a little girls 1st birthday.

What is more perfect than a princess birthday party? Little girls aren’t quite at that age where they know who their favorite Disney Princess is, so why not just make it a pink princess theme.


This theme will have a pink color board, incorporating light pink and dark pink – keeping the overall theme pretty soft and flowy. You can also incorporate aspects of pink tulle, a princess’ best friend.


You can also incorporate the theme into your baby girls outfit. What is more fun than a pink tutu on a 1 year old? This cute little dress is from a seller on Etsy. The link will take you right to the sellers page. She also ships worldwide and the skirt is only $52.00. You can even pair it with a cute headband and a pink tank top.


This picture was found on Pinterest.

You’re invited! Super cute invitations to let your guests know what kind of theme this party will have. This invitation is simple, yet it still showcases the princess crown on the front of it, tying the entire theme together.


This specific dessert table was found on Pinterest.

Dessert tables are extremely trendy right now and as long as they are decorated beautifully, you can have very simple desserts. It is nice focal point to any occasion. You can do all your final touches with various buyers from Etsy – they will customize just about anything you need.


This picture was found on Pinterest


You can serve drinks with pink paper straws. Also found on etsy. I have ordered from these buyers before and they are amazing and will ship your product in only a few days!


Since it was a 1 year old birthday, you don’t necessarily need to label everything, especially if it is pretty straight forward candy or desserts. It is cute to have the cupcake toppers but that’s all you really need! These were made by another seller on Etsy!


Of course if you wanted to do dessert table labels, you can, and of course, Etsy has those as well! Sometimes you can even get them to customize other items so that your theme is unison. For example, if you were to order these dessert label tags, you can ask the seller if she can make you matching cupcake holders and bags. You will be surprised what these sellers can do!


Of course if you are having a candy buffet, you need to have either small boxes or candy bags so that the guests can put the candy inside. The good thing with ordering from a seller on Etsy is that you can customize everything. So although the color in this candy bag is a darker pink, you can ask the seller to change the color on the template to a lighter pink.


All these pictures were found on Pinterest

CAKE! Sometimes the best part of any party. Guests always look forward to eating a piece of cake, diet or not, people make exceptions! Anything with a bow or a tiara is perfect for a princess cake. Even if you have a one tier quilted pink cake with a tiara on top, would be more than enough! But if you like to do everything big why not a 3 tier cake like the one shown on the left. The design is up to you – these are just some inspirations.

I hope you guys enjoyed all these ideas and inspirations! Up next will be a baby boys birthday party! Keep posted.

– xoxo