The Ultimate Bachelorette

It’s wedding season and that ultimately means that it is bachelorette season! There are so many fun things to do in your city, but if you and the girls want to have a fun weekend away and if you all can afford it, do that. The only thing that you don’t to do is suggest going away somewhere knowing that one of your bridesmaids or friends can’t. As the bride, you can mention it, but try and get your maid of honor or close friend to bring up the idea so that they don’t feel obligated to go.

Planning bachelorettes can be very exciting! This is your night to celebrate with your girls, without making it look like your part of the movie The Hangover. Of course there are some brides that love to party, where others are more reserved and would rather a day at the spa. These ideas will give both type of brides ideas and options.

First I will give you some ideas about what you can do in your city, then I will follow with some ideas out of town.

Being a Toronto girl, we have very few hotels with rooftop pools, however, the ones that we do have are breathtaking!

1) Book a hotel room that has a rooftop pool
The Thompson Hotel in Toronto is absolutely beautiful and they have rooms that will accommodate larger groups, such as the Thompson Suite and the Penthouse Suite. This is your bachelorette, it’s time to go all out — when else will you book a penthouse suite?? NEVER! You can have all your girls stay in one room and you can have the ultimate bachelorette party. The Thompson Hotel is in New York, Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles and London – so this idea could work in many cities and if you don’t have this hotel in your city, don’t stress – I’m sure you can find a hotel in the heart of the city that has a rooftop pool!
Check in for all hotels is normally 2-3 pm. If you are able to get this hotel that early, GO DOWN this early. You are paying for the room, why not enjoy it? Go check in with your girls, have a light lunch, and ENJOY the pool. The Thompson Toronto even has a “Girls night out” room accommodation option.

Spend the night celebrating with your girls! •Luxury accommodations in a Double Deluxe or King Suite •Welcome amenity •First drink on us! Voucher redeemable at Rooftop Bar or Lobby Bar •Complimentary Internet Access •Exclusive Access to the Rooftop (Excluding Sunday & Monday) •1812 Lounge Admittance (Monday, Friday, and Saturday) •Recuperate from a great night with a complimentary 2pm check out!

So once you enjoy your complimentary rooftop drink, relax, enjoy the pool. Then when you girls are hungry, go out and have a nice dinner in the hotel, called Scarpetta.

When your done, go back to the room, have a pre-party, maybe some “dancers” … haha.. then go out for a night on the town! There are a lot of Toronto lounges that offer an older crowd and a more sophisticated environment, or if you want to go out and party for the rest of the night you can do that too.
Remember there are so many more things that you can do when staying at a hotel. You do not have to worry about transportation or where anybody is sleeping. It is extremely convenient.
2). Take a Flirty Girl Fitness class
Flirty Girl Fitness has weekend workshops

However, if you do not want to do a workshop you can actually rent out space just for you and your girls. Have some fun and do some pole dancing — It’s your time to let loose.
3). Day at the Spa
There are many spas in Toronto and in every city, you just have to find the one that speaks to you.
– Novo Spa
This spa is in Yorkville and offers many many spa features. From facials, to massages, to body scrubs, eyelash extensions and manicure and pedicures – this spa is more of a pampering center.
– Body Blitz Spa
This is a women’s only spa that is surrounded by water. They have relaxing therapeutic waters and they also have body massages, body glows and body scrubs. Anything a bride and her maids need before the big day.
Scandinave Spa
This spa is in Blue Mountain, so if you want to incorporate a spa day as well as a weekend getaway, this is the perfect option. This spa is known for their Scandinavian baths and has been awarded for their services.
Guests enjoy the escape from their every day world and enter into the serenity of the natural outdoor environment. The renowned Scandinavian Baths include a Finnish Sauna, Eucalyptus Steam Room, Thermal & Nordic Waterfalls, Hot Baths, Cold Plunges & relaxation areas. Also available are Registered Massage treatments, relaxing getaway packages & an on-site bistro serving healthy local fare.
4). Drag Queen Club
Never been before? This is seriously the bachelorette capital of Toronto. They have world famous shows every weekend and has been standing for 21 years. If you want an up-beat and fun environment, this is the place to go.
5). An up-beat and fun restaurant
Finding a restaurant that has a party vibe can be hard, but there are a few restaurants that have a fun atmosphere.
– The Sultan’s Tent
This Toronto restaurant is Moroccan inspired and has a belly dancing show at around 9pm. The whole restaurant is covered in large lavish tents and the food is very authentic. They play traditional Moroccan music and they have separate larger sections for parties, so this would work well for your bachelorette party.
– Blowfish
This King Street location has a high energy vibe, just what you need. This is the perfect location if you are feeling Japanese food. They offer gourmet sushi and have both hot and cold dishes which have more than enough food for sharing.
– STK (If you live in USA)
With locations in Atlanta, Miami, LA, NYC, London this is “Not your daddy’s steakhouse”. I have been to the NYC location in the Meatpacking district and it was phenomenal. The atmosphere is what you are looking for. They play upbeat music and it is a fun environment.

6). Male Strip Club- The guys do it, why cant the girls?
– The Foxxes Den
This strip club has been voted the best in Toronto and from the pictures on the website, the men are.. well pleasant to the eye. If you want to go out for a memorable night full of laughs, maybe this is your thing.
If you plan on going away for a girls weekend I have a few ideas for locations.
1. Vegas- I think every bride and groom dreams of having their bachelor/ette party in Vegas – It is the ultimate party. You stay in a nice hotel, same thing, maybe a penthouse, or have a few rooms for you and your girls that are connecting. Stay by the pool during the day, and go out at night — There is always something to do in Vegas.
2. NYC- If I could spend every weekend in NYC I would, I just love the views, the atmosphere and the people. You can go down with your girls for a few nights and stay at the Thompson! Get the rooftop pool top, and they actually have a club on the top of it at night, so you could always check that out. Go for some shopping “exercises” on 5th avenue or in Soho and just have a good time. You would go here if you still want to have a good time with partying, however, you are not party animals like the girls going to Vegas.
3. Miami or South Beach- Want to soak up the sun and go to some clubs at night, all while getting your tan on? Miami is another option. You could stay in a beach front resort, or even rent a villa on the beach. You would wake up and lounge on the beach and you could go out at night. It’s like an all inclusive vacation.
4. Caribbean- Sometimes 3 nights in a tropical place is what you all need before the wedding. The bride can relax and so can the girls. And majority of the time 3 nights in, lets say, Mexico, is less expensive than going to a large city for 3 nights.
Of course, the destination, and the location depends on each individual girls budget. You do not want to pressure your girls by throwing them into a situation that they are not comfortable with. If your dream is to go somewhere out of town, maybe pitch in to each girls trip instead of giving them a bridal party gift. Also, out of town bachelorette parties typically only include a few people, as not all bridesmaids, and female family members will be able to take time off. Have a meeting with your girls and talk it out. Remember, no matter what you do, as long as your girls are there, is all that matters.
My next post will be bachelorette party outfit ideas! Stay tuned.

Perfect Wedding Dress for Your Body Type

Your boyfriend proposed and now you are engaged! With the hectic schedules of booking venues, florists, invitations, etc, you might be overwhelmed with the different options of a wedding dress. Working at Paloma Blanca in Toronto I saw many different dresses and was even able to try on a few. There are many different styles and even different shapes – there is a shape out there for you. Before you go out looking for a dress, take a look at your body and figure out your shape. Are you shaped like an hourglass, a pear, a rectangle, a triangle, an inverted triangle, a circle or are you lean, almost pencil shaped.

Before I give you the different dresses for each shape, I will give you a description for each shape before so that you know which dresses are for your own personal shape.



  • bust and hips are well balanced
  • defined waist
  • your shoulders align nicely with your hips

Women that have an hourglass figure want to show it off. You can do this with a mermaid dress that is a fit and flare.


A sheath dress that shows off your figure with a streamline silhouette.


Or a ball gown that has a structured bodice.




  • have shoulders and hips that are the same width
  • body similar to hourglass, but not as defined
  • average body type
  • tend to gain weight evenly all over your body

These brides can wear whatever they want, because they have the body to pull off anything. This bride should show off her figure and show off her body with a dress that hugs her but also is stylish. A mermaid or trumpet would be my top two picks for this bride.



Triangle (Pear)


  • hips are larger than your bust
  • defined waist

A triangle shaped bride wants to either wear an A-line gown, an empire gown or a ball gown. The idea here is to have the bottom of the dress angel away from your hips, showcasing your tiny waist.

This is the a-line option that has a fitted bodice and an angled skirt.


The empire gown is a high-wasted style and draws the eye to the waist opposed to your hips.


The ball gown is always a good option when hiding your lower half, just keep the bodice at the natural waist, we do not want a dropped waist here.


V (Inverted Triangle)


  • larger upper body and belly
  • broad shoulders, and ample bust and a wide back
  • Slim hips and flat bottom
  • Shapely legs

The inverted triangle bride will be seen in a mermaid gown, a ball gown or a short gown. The idea here is to create symmetry with the broad shoulders. You want to take the attention off of the shoulders and bring it down the waist or legs.

The mermaid gown with a flared skirt will bring attention to the legs and not the shoulders. If you are not comfortable showing your shoulder at all you can either put on a bolero or have a dress with straps.


A ball gown has a fuller bottom, so this can switch the emphasize from your shoulders to your legs, especially if you have a lot of detail on the bottom of your dress.


A short gown can have the same effect as the other two dresses because it draws attention to your legs and to your shoes. This is only for the bride that wants a short dress though.




  • have shoulders and hips that are equal width 
  • no definition in your waist
  • athletic looking figure
  • no curves

The rectangle shaped bride can be seen wearing an a-line, sheath, or empire gown. The idea for these dresses is to CREATE shape that is not initially there.

The a-line gown can create an hourglass shape on the rectangle figure. The bodice and ribbon creates a slimming look for the bride and the a-line skirt creates the illusion that the bride has shape even if she doesn’t. There are different textures in the skirt as well which able it to create that feel of the hourglass.


With the sheath dress you want it to hug your body, but be pulled in fitted to your body, so that it has the allusion of curves.


The empire gown creates a waistline and it allows the dress to be flowy so that it does not hug the body.


Circle (Apple)


  • tend to have really narrow wrists and ankles
  • arms and legs may be your favorite feature
  • tend to gain weight in your middle section
  • the narrowest part of your torso tends to be right below your breast

If this brides main concern is her middle area a dropped waist gown would not be the best option. A fitted bodice with corset back will also create a proportioned silhouette. The best options would be an empire or a ball gown.  

This empire dress will create an elongating silhouette with high waistlines and the skirt flows away from the body.


The ball gown has a fitted bodice and a fuller skirt that creates the illusion of a smaller torso.


Although these are the main body shapes, there are also other considerations when looking for a dress. If you are tall, short, plus size, skinny, busty. There is a lot to take in, in order to find the perfect dress.

A lot of brides think that if they are busty then they shouldn’t be wearing strapless, however, the strapless gown is normally the best option for the bustier bride.

For the shorter bride, a ballgown is not the best option, you do not want to get lost in the dress. A trumpet or a mermaid dress really shows off the shape and does not overwhelm the shorter bride with all the material.

Your bridal consultant will be able to show you styles that she thinks will look good on you, but it is always best to go in with a general idea of what you want and what you think will look good on you!

Happy shopping!



Princess Themed Birthday

Planning a child’s birthday can be very exciting and planning their 1st birthday can be the most exciting of all. You’re baby is no longer a few months old, he or she is finally 1. This is what I will center this blog post around- Planning a little girls 1st birthday.

What is more perfect than a princess birthday party? Little girls aren’t quite at that age where they know who their favorite Disney Princess is, so why not just make it a pink princess theme.


This theme will have a pink color board, incorporating light pink and dark pink – keeping the overall theme pretty soft and flowy. You can also incorporate aspects of pink tulle, a princess’ best friend.


You can also incorporate the theme into your baby girls outfit. What is more fun than a pink tutu on a 1 year old? This cute little dress is from a seller on Etsy. The link will take you right to the sellers page. She also ships worldwide and the skirt is only $52.00. You can even pair it with a cute headband and a pink tank top.


This picture was found on Pinterest.

You’re invited! Super cute invitations to let your guests know what kind of theme this party will have. This invitation is simple, yet it still showcases the princess crown on the front of it, tying the entire theme together.


This specific dessert table was found on Pinterest.

Dessert tables are extremely trendy right now and as long as they are decorated beautifully, you can have very simple desserts. It is nice focal point to any occasion. You can do all your final touches with various buyers from Etsy – they will customize just about anything you need.


This picture was found on Pinterest


You can serve drinks with pink paper straws. Also found on etsy. I have ordered from these buyers before and they are amazing and will ship your product in only a few days!


Since it was a 1 year old birthday, you don’t necessarily need to label everything, especially if it is pretty straight forward candy or desserts. It is cute to have the cupcake toppers but that’s all you really need! These were made by another seller on Etsy!


Of course if you wanted to do dessert table labels, you can, and of course, Etsy has those as well! Sometimes you can even get them to customize other items so that your theme is unison. For example, if you were to order these dessert label tags, you can ask the seller if she can make you matching cupcake holders and bags. You will be surprised what these sellers can do!


Of course if you are having a candy buffet, you need to have either small boxes or candy bags so that the guests can put the candy inside. The good thing with ordering from a seller on Etsy is that you can customize everything. So although the color in this candy bag is a darker pink, you can ask the seller to change the color on the template to a lighter pink.


All these pictures were found on Pinterest

CAKE! Sometimes the best part of any party. Guests always look forward to eating a piece of cake, diet or not, people make exceptions! Anything with a bow or a tiara is perfect for a princess cake. Even if you have a one tier quilted pink cake with a tiara on top, would be more than enough! But if you like to do everything big why not a 3 tier cake like the one shown on the left. The design is up to you – these are just some inspirations.

I hope you guys enjoyed all these ideas and inspirations! Up next will be a baby boys birthday party! Keep posted.

– xoxo

Country Celebrations


Monday we celebrated the 146th birthday of our country, Canada. No matter how you celebrated, you all heard the fireworks that were happening in your city. Many of you celebrated by wearing a Canadian t-shirt, or just supporting the colours of our country, red and white.

Below I will showcase my two favorite looks from Canada Day.

Day Look





















Night Look



American’s are also doing a little bit of celebrating this week, as they celebrate Independence Day. This celebration is to commemorate the adoption of the Declaration of Independence that took place on July 4, 1776. The color theme here being red, white and blue.


If you plan on going out at night, here is a semi-casual outfit, if you want to spice it up add on a pair of heels or wedges.


This is the perfect outfit if you have a bbq to go to or if you are attending any festivals or parades! You can change the color of the top to either white, black or blue.


I am sure there are many many parties happening this Thursday in the States. This is an idea of an outfit that you can wear, while still incorporating the colors of the American Flag.

Have fun, enjoy the celebrations, but most importantly be safe!

– xo

Vintage Glam Wedding

I found myself recently talking to a friend about a wedding theme that she adored. She had a great love for the roaring twenties, which was a time period full of flappers, feathers, pearls, and vintage glam. When thinking of  a 1920’s wedding theme, I thought immediately to keep the vintage glam of the time period, but to add a modern twist on it.

This picture was my main motivation:


When discussing centerpieces, she was a not a big fan of flowers and wanted to keep their appearance to a minimum. So I thought of three different options for the big day. The first option would just to do white ostrich feathers on a silver stand. The second option was to do a tall skinny clear vase with a white rose pomander with two large ostrich feathers coming out the top of it. The third option, similar to the second, but instead of two large ostrich feathers, we do 10 smaller ones, here we are also replacing the skinny clear vase with a silver stand. You can also add hanging pearls to the centerpieces to tie in your vintage touch.


With centerpieces comes the table linens and chair options. I thought that with the vintage glam theme the best color options would be black, white and silver.

58 Winter-White 57 Crystal-Silver 55  Jet-Black

There are different variations that you can choose from. Your first option would be white table cloths and black chiavari chairs. This option would have the centerpiece with the silver stand, having the tall clear vase on the white table cloths will just get lost, you need to add color to the centerpiece when doing the white linens. Here you can do the pomander with the 10 small ostrich feathers.


The second variation would be the black table cloths, silver chiavari chairs and the tall clear glass vases. The vases will have the pomander with the two feathers coming out the top of them.


The third variation would be using the silver stands with the ostrich feathers. The table cloths are black and the chairs will be white chiavari.


The head table is the focal point of the room and the hanging crystals on the black backdrop show the vintage glam. The color of your backdrop will depend on your linen colors. If you do white table cloths, have the white backdrop, if you have the black table cloths, have the black backdrop.


Going with the vintage glam theme, I thought a bird cage card box would be perfect. It screams vintage and it is completely different from the traditional card boxes.


When thinking of different ideas for the brides bouquet and the bridesmaids bouquet I thought be brilliant to incorporate the vintage glam feel into the brides bouquet. This bouquet is perfect for the bride who isn’t a big flower lover because it incorporates both the feathers that will be in the centerpieces and the glam broaches. We can continue the glam look in the bridesmaids bouquets by having the white and black flowers.


The cake.. there are many options that you can choose from. You can do a white tiered cake with black and silver accents and even add some feathers at the top. Or you can do just a black and white pattern with a silver ribbon. Or you can do a cake like seen in the second picture (top right) but just change the colors to black, white and silver. The top tier is nice because it looks like the bird cage that you will have as your card holder, this cake has more of a softer touch to it.

photo (13)

Finally the invitation. Make your guests excited about your wedding. It’s nice to tie in your overall wedding theme into your invitations. You need to make sure that you are 100% about the theme of your wedding before incorporating it into your invitations, because you don’t want your invitations to say vintage glam and then you end up doing a rustic wedding theme.

photo (14)


You didn’t really think I was going to leave out the wedding dress inspirations did you! I used to intern at Paloma Blanca, a Canadian wedding distributor. You can see a lot of their dresses on TLC’s I found the Gown. Anyways, ever since working there I have had such a love for all things wedding, as you can tell, and wedding dresses in particular. There are so many different styles that you can choose from. You can always get a dress that ties into your theme, or you can just pick a dress that you love, a dress that says your name written all over it. You can have one dress for the entire day, or you can have a ceremony and a reception dress.

For this vintage glam theme I chose three different variations of the sheath dress. The first option is an sequin sheath dress with a key hole back and the front is a v-neck. The second Pnina Tornai dress is a v-neck satin sheath dress with a sequin belt under the breast. Finally, the third dress is a high neck lace dress with a satin underlay.

photo (15)


The next three options are fuller skirts. The first two are gowns by Pnina Tornai again and are two completely different looks. The first look a deep sweetheart with a rouged bodice in all satin. The second dress a see through sequin bodice with a full feather ballgown with a slit. The third dress is a sweetheart ball gown with a sequin belt under the breasts.

photo (16)


I hope you enjoyed this vintage glam wedding inspiration (I know my friend will lol).



It’s Festival Season!

In Toronto this weekend is the first house summer festival of the year, Digital Dreams, with that festival follows VELD. Toronto got its first experience of festivals last year and it was an instant hit. Toronto house music fans got to experience what the United States and Europe has been experiencing for a while.

There are not only festivals in Toronto, there is Electric Zoo in New York City Labor Day Long Weekend, Electric Daisy in London in July and Tomorrowland in Belgium in July as well, just to name a few. The question with each festival is, “What do I wear”. You don’t want to be overdressed and you definitely want to feel comfortable, but not look comfortable. These outdoor festivals are normally running for 8 hours a day and run over the course of a weekend. You have to be able to endure any weather, heat, rain or cold.

Here are your inspirations for today:

– Chic Festival Girl- With a crop top and a pair of shorts, you are ready for any festival. The chic girl has a simple head band and killer shoes. These sandals will be comfortable and they are sturdy enough for the entire day.

Crop Top- $13.00 Jane Norman
Shorts- $47 Etsy
Sandals- $115 Aldo
Purse- $135 Loris Shoes


Flower Child- A lot of flower childs at festivals go all out in tu-tu’s and bandeau’s, however, if that is not your style, show your flower child side with a killer daisy headband. These are very easy to find now and a lot of sellers on Etsy make them per your request. Wear a pair of wrap around sandals and your outfit is set.

Fringe Shirt- $40 Lord and Taylor
Shorts- $41 Monki
Sandals- $175 Avenue 32
Purse- $24 Target


– Mr. GQ – when it comes to the guys, they can pretty much throw on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. Here he is wearing a NY Yankees hat, a classic white tshirt and a pair of white shorts.

Shoes- $97 Converse Chuck Taylor
Hat- $40 New Era Men’s MLB
Shorts- $39 Topman
Sunglasses- $255 Prada


– The Hipster- Still the same idea with the first outfit, just changing it up a bit, this has more of a hipster or street vibe to it.
Top- $21 Hot Topic
Shoes- $52 Converse Chuck Taylor
Sunglasses- $125 Gibson Sun
Vest- $87 Standard Jean Co.


I hope these outfits will give both ladies and gentlemen outfit ideas for your summer festivals!

Bridal Shower Themes

When planning a bridal shower, brides often think that the theme of their wedding has to continue onto their bridal shower theme, but that is not the case at all. Your bridal shower is more of a smaller gathering, well for my family, it is still a gathering of about 150 people, but you know what I mean! It is a chance for you to do a theme that maybe you weren’t too sure about for your wedding, or a theme that is fun.

There are hundreds of different themes that you could do for your wedding shower. Here is a few to get some ideas flowing!

Tea Party Theme, there is so much you can do with a tea party theme, because there are so many different variations. You can have a traditional tea party theme, also known as a white-gloved affair, or you can do more of a Victorian tea party, which has pastels and vintage inspirations. The colors are soft and so are the decorations.


Alice in Wonderland, this theme is more of a whimsical tea party. You can incorporate the theme by adding labels to drinks, food and to the dessert table. These labels will say “eat me” and “drink me”. Then you can have “take me” on your favors.The colors are pastel pinks, blues and purples, with accents of gold. This is a theme that can still remain traditional in a sense, but you can have a lot of fun with it.


Tiffany Theme (with or without the Audrey inclusion), with accents of Tiffany blue, glitz and bows. With this theme you have to make sure that you carry it throughout your entire shower, if you don’t think that is possible, just do a colored theme and incorporate the Tiffany blue as an accent color. With the picture below, you could always use a Tiffany shopping bag as the centerpiece and put white or pink flowers inside of it. Remember, there are always other options.


– Parisian Theme, Paris is a city filled with fashion and beauty so you can really see those two aspects within the Parisian theme. Within this theme there are three different color boards that I have put together.


This Parisian theme is more of a patisserie theme, with big accents of black throughout the theme. The black and white stripes go back to the small Paris patisseries. This theme is not subtle, it shows more of a statement, so if it does not fit your personality, there are two other design concepts that I have come up with.


This theme still has the Parisian theme but it has more of a chic look to it. It still has the black accents but the stripes are not gone and it is replaced with white table cloths and black chairs. The color scheme here is pink, white and black. Again, if the black here is still too bold, I have one last design for you.


This Parisian theme is more of a chic and fabulous sort of design. The black has been eliminated and it has been replaced with the rich gold color. The color combination here is gold, peach, ivory and blush. This theme has a vintage feel to it, but still brings in the beauty of Paris.

– Fashionista theme, Now there are a lot of different looks for this specific theme. There is the common fashion theme where there are either designer bags on each table filled with flowers, or a little flower center piece that has a miniature fashion mannequin on each side. These mannequins are normally made with chicken wire. If you do not want to follow these common ideas or themes, spice it up a bit and still keep similar ideas, just make them your own. Fashionista’s like labels right? So make each table a different designer, if you have 20 different tables, pick 20 of your favorite designers — For example, Gucci, Prada, Fendi, Burberry, D&G, Jimmy Choo, Chanel, Michael Kors, Valentino, Givenchy, Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, Versace, Alexander McQueen, Escada, Marc Jacobs, Oscar De la Renta, Vera Wang, Yves Saint Laurent, Ralph Lauren, Christian Louboutin and Manola Blahnik.


With this theme I’m choosing the chiavari chairs in white (you can also do black) and making the table linens black. Black has always been a fashionable color and can work as a blank canvas. By using a light color in the flowers, such as ivory, you can really give the room and each table a pop of color. Just because it is a fashionista theme, it doesn’t mean there has to be mannequins or fashion bags everywhere, being a fashionista is about being chic and being stylist, so let that show through in your shower. If you want to throw some fashion into your shower, have your center piece sitting on high fashion magazines, or have the designers labels show through in your cake.

I hope you have enjoyed these themes, and again, these are just a few bridal shower themes, there are many more that you can find online.

All pictures were found on Pinterest.