Three Looks, Two Days

Three Looks, Two Days

This past weekend I celebrated my twenty-sixth birthday, and every single year I wait till the last minute to find the perfect birthday dress. But as everyone knows, it is almost impossible to find a perfect dress in the middle of January. Stores have their winter sales going on, and have very limited amounts of dresses, and the new ones that are coming in are for the Spring Season, and didn’t really fit into my vision, or the weather forecast!

On the first night, I went to dinner at Cibo Wine Bar in Toronto with one of my girlfriends and then we went out to a lounge afterwards. The next night me and a couple of girls went to a different lounge. When I had found out the plans, the first thing that went into my head was, “I need three different outfits” – at this point I was sort of panicking. Every girl wants to look beautiful on her birthday, and coming from a Fashion background, myself, along with my friends, always expects me to look the part.

Here were my outfits, let me know what you guys think.

The first one was a dress that I had gotten from H&M at a great price of $29.99, that I paired with a pair of leather black Steve Madden pumps that I got for $75.00. The second outfit is a dress from Aritzia that was on sale for $39.00 and I paired it with the stunning statement necklace from Aldo Accessories that was $35.00. My last outfit, the one that had me stressing the most — The skirt, a fabulous find if I do say so myself — Aritzia, $39.99, and the shirt, a glamorous black crop top from Marciano for $70.00.

Note to self: Next year go shopping in December!


Fall Styles

I’ve been out of the blog world for many weeks now, but I am back! I took some time to focus on my niece and my career, but I am back with some very cute and fashionable fall outfits for you readers.

Fall to me is the perfect season, it is not cold enough for a winter coat and it is the season where you can truly show off your style by layering.


Fall Outfit Shirt- $145 Philip Lim Skirt- $21 H Shoes- $94 UGG Purse- $445 Michael Kors Jean Jacket- $95 Aritzia

Some people have the impression that because it is fall you should no longer be wearing maxi skirts, that is completely wrong. Go ahead continue wearing your maxi skirts, just match it with a casual top and a jean jacket to tie everything together. Fall is also a time wear you can still continue to wear flats, but as we get deeper into October that is when the boots will be coming out — but until then, HAVE FUN! You have a few more weeks to still wear pieces like these.


Perfect fall outfit Shirt- $205 Rag Fur Vest- $41 H Leggings- $67 TopShop Boots- $310 C. Wonder

This has to be one of the staple outfits in every girls closet. It is fall ladies, you need a GOOD pair of tights, or MANY pair of standard tights. Why not even have a little bit of fun with your tights? H&M and Zara have a few, good quality pairs, that intertwine faux leather and cotton. This will make your outfit stand out more, however, you can always still wear a regular pair of tights. Fall is about deep, warm colors, so if you like wearing basic colors, tie in those warm hues into your accessories.


Perfect fashionable, yet tasteful outfit Tshirt- $65.00 from Inlovewithfashion Blazer- $24 from H Jeans- $49 from PullandBear Heels- $145 from ALDO

Night out but too cold to wear a skirt or a dress, why not a wicked pair of jeans with an amazing pair of shoes. Remember, heels can dress up almost every outfit. Get yourself a nice fitting pair of jeans for the fall that you can wear with heels – so get a tapered pair that is either skinny or boot cut, so it looks good with a pair of heels.

Here are my three picks for Fall. I will be posting more outfit ideas soon!





Country Celebrations


Monday we celebrated the 146th birthday of our country, Canada. No matter how you celebrated, you all heard the fireworks that were happening in your city. Many of you celebrated by wearing a Canadian t-shirt, or just supporting the colours of our country, red and white.

Below I will showcase my two favorite looks from Canada Day.

Day Look





















Night Look



American’s are also doing a little bit of celebrating this week, as they celebrate Independence Day. This celebration is to commemorate the adoption of the Declaration of Independence that took place on July 4, 1776. The color theme here being red, white and blue.


If you plan on going out at night, here is a semi-casual outfit, if you want to spice it up add on a pair of heels or wedges.


This is the perfect outfit if you have a bbq to go to or if you are attending any festivals or parades! You can change the color of the top to either white, black or blue.


I am sure there are many many parties happening this Thursday in the States. This is an idea of an outfit that you can wear, while still incorporating the colors of the American Flag.

Have fun, enjoy the celebrations, but most importantly be safe!

– xo

Welcome to the World Jordyn

Welcome to the World Jordyn

Having the previous post about my infamous gender neutral baby shower, I thought it would only be fair if I introduced my beautiful niece to the world. My brother and his beautiful wife had a baby girl on May 26th, 2013 at 6:49 pm, weighing 7 pounds 12 ounces. The baby shower was for this little angel and I cannot wait to start helping plan her birthday parties, my mind is already racing! Babies are a beautiful gift and I cannot even describe how much I love this little girl.

Photo credit goes to Renaissance Studios in Milton.

If your dreams …

If your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough.

This is the quote that I tend to live by. When on the path of your life, think big, don’t stop, even if your dreams do scare you. If your dreams do scare you it’s a good thing, it means you are dedicated, it means that you have aspirations, goals, passion, and I believe if you have a great passion and love for what you do, it will show in your everyday actions and within your career.