Perfect Wedding Dress for Your Body Type

Your boyfriend proposed and now you are engaged! With the hectic schedules of booking venues, florists, invitations, etc, you might be overwhelmed with the different options of a wedding dress. Working at Paloma Blanca in Toronto I saw many different dresses and was even able to try on a few. There are many different styles and even different shapes – there is a shape out there for you. Before you go out looking for a dress, take a look at your body and figure out your shape. Are you shaped like an hourglass, a pear, a rectangle, a triangle, an inverted triangle, a circle or are you lean, almost pencil shaped.

Before I give you the different dresses for each shape, I will give you a description for each shape before so that you know which dresses are for your own personal shape.



  • bust and hips are well balanced
  • defined waist
  • your shoulders align nicely with your hips

Women that have an hourglass figure want to show it off. You can do this with a mermaid dress that is a fit and flare.


A sheath dress that shows off your figure with a streamline silhouette.


Or a ball gown that has a structured bodice.




  • have shoulders and hips that are the same width
  • body similar to hourglass, but not as defined
  • average body type
  • tend to gain weight evenly all over your body

These brides can wear whatever they want, because they have the body to pull off anything. This bride should show off her figure and show off her body with a dress that hugs her but also is stylish. A mermaid or trumpet would be my top two picks for this bride.



Triangle (Pear)


  • hips are larger than your bust
  • defined waist

A triangle shaped bride wants to either wear an A-line gown, an empire gown or a ball gown. The idea here is to have the bottom of the dress angel away from your hips, showcasing your tiny waist.

This is the a-line option that has a fitted bodice and an angled skirt.


The empire gown is a high-wasted style and draws the eye to the waist opposed to your hips.


The ball gown is always a good option when hiding your lower half, just keep the bodice at the natural waist, we do not want a dropped waist here.


V (Inverted Triangle)


  • larger upper body and belly
  • broad shoulders, and ample bust and a wide back
  • Slim hips and flat bottom
  • Shapely legs

The inverted triangle bride will be seen in a mermaid gown, a ball gown or a short gown. The idea here is to create symmetry with the broad shoulders. You want to take the attention off of the shoulders and bring it down the waist or legs.

The mermaid gown with a flared skirt will bring attention to the legs and not the shoulders. If you are not comfortable showing your shoulder at all you can either put on a bolero or have a dress with straps.


A ball gown has a fuller bottom, so this can switch the emphasize from your shoulders to your legs, especially if you have a lot of detail on the bottom of your dress.


A short gown can have the same effect as the other two dresses because it draws attention to your legs and to your shoes. This is only for the bride that wants a short dress though.




  • have shoulders and hips that are equal width 
  • no definition in your waist
  • athletic looking figure
  • no curves

The rectangle shaped bride can be seen wearing an a-line, sheath, or empire gown. The idea for these dresses is to CREATE shape that is not initially there.

The a-line gown can create an hourglass shape on the rectangle figure. The bodice and ribbon creates a slimming look for the bride and the a-line skirt creates the illusion that the bride has shape even if she doesn’t. There are different textures in the skirt as well which able it to create that feel of the hourglass.


With the sheath dress you want it to hug your body, but be pulled in fitted to your body, so that it has the allusion of curves.


The empire gown creates a waistline and it allows the dress to be flowy so that it does not hug the body.


Circle (Apple)


  • tend to have really narrow wrists and ankles
  • arms and legs may be your favorite feature
  • tend to gain weight in your middle section
  • the narrowest part of your torso tends to be right below your breast

If this brides main concern is her middle area a dropped waist gown would not be the best option. A fitted bodice with corset back will also create a proportioned silhouette. The best options would be an empire or a ball gown.  

This empire dress will create an elongating silhouette with high waistlines and the skirt flows away from the body.


The ball gown has a fitted bodice and a fuller skirt that creates the illusion of a smaller torso.


Although these are the main body shapes, there are also other considerations when looking for a dress. If you are tall, short, plus size, skinny, busty. There is a lot to take in, in order to find the perfect dress.

A lot of brides think that if they are busty then they shouldn’t be wearing strapless, however, the strapless gown is normally the best option for the bustier bride.

For the shorter bride, a ballgown is not the best option, you do not want to get lost in the dress. A trumpet or a mermaid dress really shows off the shape and does not overwhelm the shorter bride with all the material.

Your bridal consultant will be able to show you styles that she thinks will look good on you, but it is always best to go in with a general idea of what you want and what you think will look good on you!

Happy shopping!




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