Country Celebrations


Monday we celebrated the 146th birthday of our country, Canada. No matter how you celebrated, you all heard the fireworks that were happening in your city. Many of you celebrated by wearing a Canadian t-shirt, or just supporting the colours of our country, red and white.

Below I will showcase my two favorite looks from Canada Day.

Day Look





















Night Look



American’s are also doing a little bit of celebrating this week, as they celebrate Independence Day. This celebration is to commemorate the adoption of the Declaration of Independence that took place on July 4, 1776. The color theme here being red, white and blue.


If you plan on going out at night, here is a semi-casual outfit, if you want to spice it up add on a pair of heels or wedges.


This is the perfect outfit if you have a bbq to go to or if you are attending any festivals or parades! You can change the color of the top to either white, black or blue.


I am sure there are many many parties happening this Thursday in the States. This is an idea of an outfit that you can wear, while still incorporating the colors of the American Flag.

Have fun, enjoy the celebrations, but most importantly be safe!

– xo


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