Vintage Glam Wedding

I found myself recently talking to a friend about a wedding theme that she adored. She had a great love for the roaring twenties, which was a time period full of flappers, feathers, pearls, and vintage glam. When thinking of  a 1920’s wedding theme, I thought immediately to keep the vintage glam of the time period, but to add a modern twist on it.

This picture was my main motivation:


When discussing centerpieces, she was a not a big fan of flowers and wanted to keep their appearance to a minimum. So I thought of three different options for the big day. The first option would just to do white ostrich feathers on a silver stand. The second option was to do a tall skinny clear vase with a white rose pomander with two large ostrich feathers coming out the top of it. The third option, similar to the second, but instead of two large ostrich feathers, we do 10 smaller ones, here we are also replacing the skinny clear vase with a silver stand. You can also add hanging pearls to the centerpieces to tie in your vintage touch.


With centerpieces comes the table linens and chair options. I thought that with the vintage glam theme the best color options would be black, white and silver.

58 Winter-White 57 Crystal-Silver 55  Jet-Black

There are different variations that you can choose from. Your first option would be white table cloths and black chiavari chairs. This option would have the centerpiece with the silver stand, having the tall clear vase on the white table cloths will just get lost, you need to add color to the centerpiece when doing the white linens. Here you can do the pomander with the 10 small ostrich feathers.


The second variation would be the black table cloths, silver chiavari chairs and the tall clear glass vases. The vases will have the pomander with the two feathers coming out the top of them.


The third variation would be using the silver stands with the ostrich feathers. The table cloths are black and the chairs will be white chiavari.


The head table is the focal point of the room and the hanging crystals on the black backdrop show the vintage glam. The color of your backdrop will depend on your linen colors. If you do white table cloths, have the white backdrop, if you have the black table cloths, have the black backdrop.


Going with the vintage glam theme, I thought a bird cage card box would be perfect. It screams vintage and it is completely different from the traditional card boxes.


When thinking of different ideas for the brides bouquet and the bridesmaids bouquet I thought be brilliant to incorporate the vintage glam feel into the brides bouquet. This bouquet is perfect for the bride who isn’t a big flower lover because it incorporates both the feathers that will be in the centerpieces and the glam broaches. We can continue the glam look in the bridesmaids bouquets by having the white and black flowers.


The cake.. there are many options that you can choose from. You can do a white tiered cake with black and silver accents and even add some feathers at the top. Or you can do just a black and white pattern with a silver ribbon. Or you can do a cake like seen in the second picture (top right) but just change the colors to black, white and silver. The top tier is nice because it looks like the bird cage that you will have as your card holder, this cake has more of a softer touch to it.

photo (13)

Finally the invitation. Make your guests excited about your wedding. It’s nice to tie in your overall wedding theme into your invitations. You need to make sure that you are 100% about the theme of your wedding before incorporating it into your invitations, because you don’t want your invitations to say vintage glam and then you end up doing a rustic wedding theme.

photo (14)


You didn’t really think I was going to leave out the wedding dress inspirations did you! I used to intern at Paloma Blanca, a Canadian wedding distributor. You can see a lot of their dresses on TLC’s I found the Gown. Anyways, ever since working there I have had such a love for all things wedding, as you can tell, and wedding dresses in particular. There are so many different styles that you can choose from. You can always get a dress that ties into your theme, or you can just pick a dress that you love, a dress that says your name written all over it. You can have one dress for the entire day, or you can have a ceremony and a reception dress.

For this vintage glam theme I chose three different variations of the sheath dress. The first option is an sequin sheath dress with a key hole back and the front is a v-neck. The second Pnina Tornai dress is a v-neck satin sheath dress with a sequin belt under the breast. Finally, the third dress is a high neck lace dress with a satin underlay.

photo (15)


The next three options are fuller skirts. The first two are gowns by Pnina Tornai again and are two completely different looks. The first look a deep sweetheart with a rouged bodice in all satin. The second dress a see through sequin bodice with a full feather ballgown with a slit. The third dress is a sweetheart ball gown with a sequin belt under the breasts.

photo (16)


I hope you enjoyed this vintage glam wedding inspiration (I know my friend will lol).




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