Bridal Shower Themes

When planning a bridal shower, brides often think that the theme of their wedding has to continue onto their bridal shower theme, but that is not the case at all. Your bridal shower is more of a smaller gathering, well for my family, it is still a gathering of about 150 people, but you know what I mean! It is a chance for you to do a theme that maybe you weren’t too sure about for your wedding, or a theme that is fun.

There are hundreds of different themes that you could do for your wedding shower. Here is a few to get some ideas flowing!

Tea Party Theme, there is so much you can do with a tea party theme, because there are so many different variations. You can have a traditional tea party theme, also known as a white-gloved affair, or you can do more of a Victorian tea party, which has pastels and vintage inspirations. The colors are soft and so are the decorations.


Alice in Wonderland, this theme is more of a whimsical tea party. You can incorporate the theme by adding labels to drinks, food and to the dessert table. These labels will say “eat me” and “drink me”. Then you can have “take me” on your favors.The colors are pastel pinks, blues and purples, with accents of gold. This is a theme that can still remain traditional in a sense, but you can have a lot of fun with it.


Tiffany Theme (with or without the Audrey inclusion), with accents of Tiffany blue, glitz and bows. With this theme you have to make sure that you carry it throughout your entire shower, if you don’t think that is possible, just do a colored theme and incorporate the Tiffany blue as an accent color. With the picture below, you could always use a Tiffany shopping bag as the centerpiece and put white or pink flowers inside of it. Remember, there are always other options.


– Parisian Theme, Paris is a city filled with fashion and beauty so you can really see those two aspects within the Parisian theme. Within this theme there are three different color boards that I have put together.


This Parisian theme is more of a patisserie theme, with big accents of black throughout the theme. The black and white stripes go back to the small Paris patisseries. This theme is not subtle, it shows more of a statement, so if it does not fit your personality, there are two other design concepts that I have come up with.


This theme still has the Parisian theme but it has more of a chic look to it. It still has the black accents but the stripes are not gone and it is replaced with white table cloths and black chairs. The color scheme here is pink, white and black. Again, if the black here is still too bold, I have one last design for you.


This Parisian theme is more of a chic and fabulous sort of design. The black has been eliminated and it has been replaced with the rich gold color. The color combination here is gold, peach, ivory and blush. This theme has a vintage feel to it, but still brings in the beauty of Paris.

– Fashionista theme, Now there are a lot of different looks for this specific theme. There is the common fashion theme where there are either designer bags on each table filled with flowers, or a little flower center piece that has a miniature fashion mannequin on each side. These mannequins are normally made with chicken wire. If you do not want to follow these common ideas or themes, spice it up a bit and still keep similar ideas, just make them your own. Fashionista’s like labels right? So make each table a different designer, if you have 20 different tables, pick 20 of your favorite designers — For example, Gucci, Prada, Fendi, Burberry, D&G, Jimmy Choo, Chanel, Michael Kors, Valentino, Givenchy, Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, Versace, Alexander McQueen, Escada, Marc Jacobs, Oscar De la Renta, Vera Wang, Yves Saint Laurent, Ralph Lauren, Christian Louboutin and Manola Blahnik.


With this theme I’m choosing the chiavari chairs in white (you can also do black) and making the table linens black. Black has always been a fashionable color and can work as a blank canvas. By using a light color in the flowers, such as ivory, you can really give the room and each table a pop of color. Just because it is a fashionista theme, it doesn’t mean there has to be mannequins or fashion bags everywhere, being a fashionista is about being chic and being stylist, so let that show through in your shower. If you want to throw some fashion into your shower, have your center piece sitting on high fashion magazines, or have the designers labels show through in your cake.

I hope you have enjoyed these themes, and again, these are just a few bridal shower themes, there are many more that you can find online.

All pictures were found on Pinterest.


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